on the subject of balconies and the appeal of rooms


When I first moved out on my own I did not live in apartments. I lived in houses, first a duplex, then a basement suite, then a split level. I don't know why I chose these places over an apartment, since I've always entertained certain romantic notions about apartments. It wasn't until I moved to Edmonton that I lived in my first apartment. It was nice and clean, but it didn't exactly have any character. It did however have a balcony. A balcony that was almost never used, save for summer barbecuing. One afternoon I tried to read outside, but the view from the balcony was not at all exciting. It looked out over the parkades that joined the block of buildings and there was no privacy whatsoever. It was loud and not an inviting space at all.

balcony view...

The loft had no outside space. The lack of balcony was initially the reason why I thought we shouldn't buy the space, but the high ceilings and wonderful light quickly won me over. I don't know if I would have wanted a balcony over such a busy stretch of road anyhow. A rooftop patio that was accessible by all the residents would be an amazing addition to the building, but since that wasn't available then I had to make do with making my time spent indoors feel like part of the outdoors. In the summer I would spend time in the nearby park reading, but there were still times when I wished that I could just step outside for a little snooze without having to pack up and carry all of my stuff down the street. Although the ten minute walk is not a hardship, there were times when I wanted to not care about what I looked like when all I wanted was half an hour in the sun.

house party

The new apartment, which I call new but is only new to me, does have a balcony. It's a rather nice balcony. Spacious, not the most glamorous view as it overlooks two gas stations, but it also looks over the bike path that leads to the nearby park. It'll be a touch quieter than my first balcony and it's only open on one side so you can get some semblance of privacy.

out of doors but not out of mind

Right now the balcony is being used for temporary storage while the gentleman and I complete painting the rest of the apartment. Since this photo was taken some of the furniture was moved back in, the couch against the back wall and two armless chairs on either side of the room. Eventually art will go up on the wall and perhaps an area rug if we manage to find one we like and can afford. But I'm more excited for what will happen on the balcony. Maybe it's just my current mood, I'm tired of winter and I'm dreaming of summer and all its sunstroke potential.

ghosts of transportation christmases yet to come

I'd like to find a nice chaise, that's not too big or bulky so I can come and stretch out with a book and the gentleman can take a nap. Is there room enough for a table so we can eat al fresco? Maybe I'll find some herbs that will grow nicely in the shade.

I am a bit sad to leave my current apartment. But I'm actually more excited than I thought I'd be about the new apartment. Both spaces are very different and the balcony is just one of those differences. The new apartment is charming. It's smaller, the ceilings are lower, but it has a special sort of charm because of the walls and doors. Sure, open concept living has been grand. But it also has its drawbacks. In the new apartment if friends stop by unexpectedly I don't have to make my bed. I can keep some spaces private instead of everything being on display all the time. If I want to have a private phonecall I don't have to go into the bathroom. I can clean up the living room and feel like I've accomplished something even if the kitchen is messy. I've accepted the idea of living with rooms again. It's something that I'm gladly anticipating. Indoor, outdoor, these rooms are going to be a great place to live.


  1. Don't forget about the *ding ding* from the street car bell in the summer and early fall! You guys need to get the family membership like Don and I, so you can ride over to meet me in Strathcona all summer long.

    Not that you won't be even more ridiculously close to an LRT station.

    Look forward to seeing the place come together. I'll bring steaks if and when it is BBQ time. You make Sangria.