more a pilgrim's progress than an industrial revolution


The apartment continues to come together, albeit slowly. But as they say slow and steady wins the race.

We've installed some shelves in the dining room to put glassware and miscellaneous serving dishes. We haven't quite sorted out the kitchen organization, now all my pots have to go into cupboards instead of a kitchen island. So we're trying to maximize as much storage as we can outside of the kitchen. I think this will encourage increased use of the dining table, which is currently covered with picture frames that we need to hang this week.

measuring twice cut once

The next big project (other than to finish painting) is going to have to be the closet. The main bedroom of the apartment actually has a fairly large walk-in closet, but currently the fixtures do not provide maximal clothes storage. This move is providing me with ample opportunity to go through a clothing purge, but even if I were to get rid of a large portion of my wardrobe, the closet still warrants an upgrade... think a Carrie Bradshaw style walk-in that leads from the bedroom to the bathroom.

The gentleman was dreaming of such closet improvements long before I came along, so thankfully this project is not a hard sell. The problem now lies in how we will outfit the space, since it doesn't exactly lend itself to off-the-rack Ikea solutions. No, this space needs something a touch more custom.

For now my clothes have a temporary home in a large pile on the daybed and hanging on a small rack that I will later use to hang laundry to dry. The majority of my hangers are lined up in the closet, shoulders bare, waiting to serve.

We're still a few months away from having a fully functional closet however. I don't expect it to be finished until April. I guess that gives me plenty of time to finish painting the rest of the apartment.


  1. Too bad neither of you are short. I always rock the double hanging! Very handy space saving.