you can run, you can hide, but you can't escape unpacking


This weekend I had planned to finish continue unpacking in the new apartment, but I don't seem to have accomplished much. The past month has been busy and stressful and I need some quiet time. I feel like I'm procrastinating though. The shelves the gentleman and I picked up yesterday at Ikea have yet to be installed. And the work projects I purposely stayed home to finish this afternoon instead of going to a meeting are not done. I know I'll finish them before the end of the night, but right now all I want to do is relax, knit and watch a movie.

I haven't knit anything in ages. My wrist is probably up to the challenge now, but every now and then I will turn it in such a way that sends sharp shooting pains up my arm. But I miss knitting. Winter will be over by the time I finish the two projects I've had on the go since summer and early fall. I'd probably feel less stressed if I actually took time to knit, since it's one of those activities that I count as being relaxing. I packed my bags and took a little trip down memory lane today after I logged into ravelry and responded to a comment on my minimalist cardigan project. Oh how I missed knitting when I looked at the photos of that cardigan.

no longer sleeveless

finally done

But I'm finding it difficult to find the energy to pick up and finish those projects. I don't think I'll be able to concentrate properly until the house is settled. But accomplishing that is proving exhausting as well. I had forgotten how much work it takes to sort out new living arrangements.

The household being in disarray does provide excuses for socializing outside of the home of course. The gentleman and I escaped for brunch with the siblings today, and we argued like brothers and sisters do. It was delightful. I'm trying to convince my sibs to rent a unit in the same apartment building as I live in so I can see them more often (and then kick them out when I'm tired of them).

the girls brunch

the boys brunch


  1. Moving is SO exhausting, I completely sympathize. But bit by bit, you'll get there, don't beat yourself up... Ugh, in a few months I'm facing a move from one country to another, again. If you think it's hard, imagine having to pack everything up to fit in suitcases and airline baggage allowances :( I love living abroad, but the actual act of moving is becoming too much, short- or long-distance.