we slum for recreational purposes only


On Saturday night Team Awesome Bowling Club was brought back to life. The boys and I used to go out once a week last year and we always had fun. But then summer rolled around and it was too nice to spend our evenings inside a bowling alley. So we put the little bowling club on hiatus. After a few failed attempts this fall to revive our recreational slumming, we finally succeeded with a trip to Bonnie Doon lanes on what was an extremely cold night.

it's all in the leg extension
queen of the alley
the big lebowski
Phil says, "there will be blood"

Although it wasn't quite the same without Billy being there, we all had a good time. Wade and I had spent most of the day together taking pictures of a former colleague's new baby in the morning and then dancing in the aisles of Ikea. It was the first time since the summer that we had spent that much time together. I had missed his company. In fact, I've been missing all of the company of my bevy of platonic boyfriends. We don't spend nearly as much time together as we used to. Curse our letting work get in the way.