I asked the gentleman yesterday if my pictures told a story. I was curious to know whether or not other people think that my images create some sort of narrative. I'd certainly like them to.

Of course the gentleman was busy at the time and wasn't able to answer my question as completely as I might have liked. So I was left wondering. Now I pose this question to the internets... what, without any additional description or context, does this series of images convey to you?

the concept

making connections


finding a team

the end result

Please humour me with this little request.


  1. I was given the distinct impression of a "Connectivity" story being told to a work-group.

    Maybe, If I had to leap further, how people stay connected or can connect using technology. Perhaps also the interwoven nature of workplacs?

    But it did come across to me as some kind of meeting or convention team building excercise. I have been part of many and that is what I got.


  2. I see a celebration of sorts, the colors the people. The computer and sign suggest a business setting.

    Could it be a business celebration

    Interested to hear what others SEE

  3. I see the unravelling of a mystery; the resolution of a business challenge through the union of people and technology....

  4. Team building exercises (which I detest) immortalized by a great photographer. Nice pics, Fella.

  5. I see a group of people who've just taken the red pill and are starting to see/understand what the Matrix really is...