round trip


It's always a bit of an adjustment after spending days with my family. Some things I am ecstatic to return to, like my mattress or my own bathroom. But other things I look forward to less, like being in an empty apartment without any siblings to make fun of. At times I think it would be nice for more of my family to live in the same city, so that we could get together more frequently without the expense and hours of travel it requires now.

Last year I was back at home for about 36 hours, having spent the majority of my vacation on the coast taking nearly all of the main forms of transportation available to me (train, plane, boat, automobile). Travel this time was a lot simpler and was relatively stress free in comparison the previous year's extravaganza. I'm usually a pretty quiet passenger. I'll make conversation when necessary and serve as a good navigator and deer spotter when required, but I prefer to daydream while watching the passing landscape.

the straight and narrow

The sky had been much more blue on the drive to BC than it was four days later when Wade, Alessandra and I were making our way back to the other province that we currently call home. However, despite the lack of sun the bleak grey colour palette was sort of soothing.

the rural alberta advantage

Living downtown I don't usually get to experience the white landscape of winter for very long. Freshly fallen snow is so quickly turned into brown slush, so winter for me can is often an ugly and depressing time. But being outside of the city limits I was extremely pleased to see how the world was transformed by the snow. So much so, that I snapped photos incessantly through the passenger side window, shooting the minimalist landscape punctuated by buildings, trees, and fences.


grey gardens

the wire

And now, back at my other 'home' it's a return to business as usual. At least until New Year's.