it will always be more camera than phone to me


There was a brief time this past summer and fall where my trusty SLR went unused. It was the blasted gadget called the iPhone that was to blame, it being small and capable of some stunning photographic results with only a few simple taps of a finger.

Exhibit A.
follow in my footsteps

Exhibit B.
table talk

Exhibit C.

Exhibit D.
sundown in the paris of the prairies

Exhibit E.
summer in the city

In fact, the results from the iPhone were so consistently lovely that I even began to be accused of favouring it over my 'real' camera.

Maybe it was the constant heckling from the elitists that got to me or maybe it was being required to take photos and video for work plus the sale plus having just been paid and my dreams of shooting with high ISO. Whatever the reason, now I have a new camera as part of my collection. The results are also consistently lovely.

Fig. 1
sit-y hall

Fig. 2

Fig. 3
the winter scene


The camera bits of my iPhone are now getting dusty.

No one seems to be complaining.