offhanded remark


Earlier in the week I was reading some blogs of these extra stylish ladies around the world and I started to feel a little unremarkable. It was as if my life was a little bit bland, being lit by horrid overhead fluorescent lights instead of pretty sunlight filtered through a sheer curtain. For a brief period I felt completely plain and boring and lacking in any sort of glamour.

I decided to deal with the situation.

On Friday, as I was about to leave the house to head to the Make-It show at the Aviation Museum, I thought that I would dress up my black cloche with a bit of black satin ribbon that I have. I was determined to leave the house looking classy. It was my way of making me feel a little less ordinary.


While I was out I did get a few compliments about my hat. This was sort of my intention of wearing it in the first place (well that and I needed to keep my head warm) and I don't really feel all that guilty about seeking out such a minor ego boost. There's nothing wrong with wanting the occasional recognition for your personal sense of style. Some may call it vanity, but we seek accolades for other things as well, like our taste in music, how well we do our jobs, our personal decorating style, how well we cook, the books we read, the ideas we have... so how is our fashion sense any different?


Anyhow, I've since recovered from my bout of unremarkability. Sure, I still sort of want a new wardrobe and a new selection of pretty shoes so I can be glamorous all the time, but having those things isn't what makes me remarkable. I have a different temperament, different everyday values, a different point of view. It is the combination of those things that makes me an interesting individual. I'm sure there are some people out there who appreciate this and look forward to seeing how I experience the world.

starlite, star bright
single occupancy

That is my hope at least. It would be nice if at least a couple people thought I was worthy of note.