a symphonic weekend


leave © Raffaella Loro

I've been staying up way too late recently. Tonight is no exception. This late night owlishness wouldn't be a problem if I actually slept in to a decent hour in the morning, but that hasn't been happening. It's as if my body is preparing itself for the eventual return to the office (the date of which has yet to be determined). Tonight I've been busy posting photos from tonight's Symphony Under the Sky performance. Tomorrow I have to finish up my "reviews" of the three concerts I attended on the other blog. I've sort of been writing a different style on that blog, a bit more structured, less stream of consciousness style, so I'm a bit more critical of what I post there. Which means it takes longer to produce. But I'm not attending the concert tomorrow, so I have plenty of time to finish the post that I've already started.

I had so much fun taking pictures at the symphony this weekend. I was so glad that Phil was able to get this photo contest approved. I've been wanting to take pictures at this event ever since I first moved to Edmonton in 2006. So this weekend was a bit of a momentous occasion for me. Thanks Phil for making my photographic dreams a reality!