putting my mettle where my feet are


definition of trust © Raffaella Loro

The official test of my character, the real demonstration of my ardent pedestrianism, will come not when I go for a walk when it is seven degrees outside but when it is minus twenty seven.

At least this is what I was thinking this morning when I exited the apartment. I felt the chill in the air and for a second I was afraid of the coming of winter... the shortening days, the lack of sunlight. But then I stopped myself in what could have been a sprialling descent into negativity. I've gone out on the coldest days of winter to take photographs. If I can convince myself to leave the house for photographic purposes then I will have no excuses when it comes to leaving the house as part of a balanced approach to non-gym exercise. I will just make sure to walk with a transit pass so that at any time if it is really too cold I can retreat to the warmth and safety of the proletariat chariot.