the rationalization of sleep


she neither hears nor sees © Raffaella Loro

There was a chill in the air this morning. Outside the chill was somewhat refreshing, even though it meant that I had to wear a sweater while out for my daily constitutional. Inside the apartment the cold had a different feel, it was a sort of soporific cold that slows the flow of blood through your veins and quietly lulls you to sleep.The computer was quietly churning away, (re)burning some photodiscs that I seemed to have misplaced. The process of converting the RAW files to JPEGs takes a while so I left the computer to focus on that one task while I decided what to do with myself. I curled up under my duvet, telling myself that I just wanted a little bit of warmth while I read. Soon I was telling myself that closing my eyes for a few seconds wouldn't hurt... but those few seconds had a mind of their own. They doubled and tripled. It wasn't worth the battle to keep my eyes open.

and that is how I fell prey to the afternoon nap. Blame the anemia.