I survived my first day back at the gym in years. I have never gone regularly in my life, but I have made feeble attempts here and there. Always unsuccessful attempts mind you. I lacked the necessary motivation to make myself go alone, and I made bad choices to go to the gym with some people who only knew how to motivate through criticism. Highlighting my laziness and lack of physical stamina are not ways to encourage me to continue with an exercise routine. I have found a new gym buddy though... and our joint exercise experience was quite pleasant. We went off and did our own thing and occassionally met up to stretch in what will always be to me a dance room (lovely sprung floor).

We made a new friend last night... a skipper who sweats profusely. He gave us some tips on how to skip with minimum effort but maximum results. We're going to work it into our routine. It'll be like dance practice all over again.