kiss off


I've really not got excited about Christmas at all. I've made the majority of my presents this year, and other than a few brief visits to the mall downtown I haven't taken part in any holiday shopping. I don't really mind, I find shopping this time of year to be overwhelming... but considering that I'm leaving for Christmas vacation in less than a week, I am really not filled with the holiday spirit. I haven't really had much excuse to get in the mood. No staff holiday parties to attend... I left my old job in October, I only worked with my current position for a couple months, and the new job I'm starting on Monday doesn't have a Christmas party but some sort of winter ball in February. That's kind of exciting though... hopefully it will be a real party and not some sorry boring affair. That's still a couple months off though - I'm trying to focus on the present and get excited about presents. I've been listening to holiday music all day, a lot of which I simply could not tolerate because it was absolutely horrible. Tomorrow I'll be making chocolates at Wade's... perhaps that will be the cure to my scrooginess.