poolsharks and the jetskis


freestyle... © Raffaella Loro

I've posted this photo before on my blog, but I like it so much that I figured it deserves another post.

I went swimming last night... something which seems odd for me to do, since I spent much of my youth refusing to get out of bed for early morning swim practices. But I'm getting long in the tooth and my job promotes a sedentary lifestyle. My walk to work is only going to get shorter in the two weeks (three blocks instead of a ten minute walk)... so there was a greater pressure that I do something active with my life.

My return to the pool was not enitrely glorious. My cardiovascular ability has greatly diminished over the years and I was only able to manage about ten or so laps before I headed to the hot tub. Very weak performance, but I'm just impressed by the fact that I went to swimming at all. Aryn was much more dedicated... and completed his set number of laps.

In an effort to make swimming a habit, I'm attempting to organize a swim team of sorts... and make myself accountable to a group of people who will go swimming with me. I've even come up with a few names for the team, my favourite of course being the West Side Story inspired "Pool Sharks and the Jetskis". I find that associating anything with a musical makes my life a little bit better. Boy oh crazy boy... I can't wait until someone starts yelling "Chino!" in the middle of the pool.