nowhere to go but up


escalate © Raffaella Loro

one of those nights where I can't sleep. Perhaps I shouldn't have taken a nap this afternoon, but I was tired and my bed was so inviting.

The weather has been depressing me lately, but I made the realization this evening that the shortest day of the year is fast approaching. Although it might be getting colder, and the snow won't disappear any time soon... the days will begin to get ever the tiniest bit longer.

I'm working on an idea for a photography project over the next couple of months. I have rounded up a group of models who I am planning to shoot - and hopefully, if I can get in touch with the guy who handles the rental of a local venue... I'm going to organize a sort of independent art show/leap year party. I'm hoping that we can pull something together. The concept for the show is a bit of a gag, but it will be fun nonetheless. No more details at the moment. Who knows, in the next couple of weeks the whole thing might fall apart. But I hope not.