where's my windex when I need it?


This particular shot was taken over the weekend during the infamous photo excursions or more appropriately called: "this is w.'s life." I was merely the photojournalist along for the ride.

Although I like the neon in reverse... I am less pleased with the reflection of the flash which really accentuates the streaky, greasy fingerprints on the glass. I guess that if I were a professional photographer I might have an assistant ready with windex and newspaper to tidy things up for me.

Anyhow... just winding down for the night. Been busy researching corporate email policy and knitting a "Harry Potter" scarf as a favour for my neighbour who wants one for her daughter's birthday next week (Clarification: the scarf is for the daughter... not the mother/neighbour). Not the most exciting things to do... but hey, I can't be out terrorizing the local grocery stores and restaurants every night of the week. I'm reserving the majority of my mischief for the weekends.