high on ice, maxwellhaus, and mini gloves "recaplet"


Can't sleep just yet, as I have several important things on the go with the ol' reliable compi (such as downloading the pics from my day out and downloading iTunes... for shame, because I could be doing this after I go to sleep and wakeup, but I had to check my email so I might as well be doing this). My internet connection is a bit slow right now, don't really know what the hold up is all about, but D'ELL was acting up when I fired er'up when I got home from the smashing photo excursion day.

I have a few good shots of the ice carving and resulting ice sculptures... the better shots were taken yesterday evening and this evening, with the super bright white lights as compared to the dull, overcast grey light from this morning and afternoon. Going out again tomorrow to take pics of the completed sculptures in their full glory.

But enough for now... I'll have many a story to tell in the next post of my adventures and misadventures of the past few days.