bubbly or bublé... you choose


Francinator says that my posts are too depressing.
Here is my attempt at cheer and bubbly in the form of a tinted photo sequence.

Let me begin by saying that life in my alternate universe is fabulous.

Outside of school, my life looks like one big party. Here I am whooping it up with siblings 2,5,7, and 8 plus niece and nephew.

And again... keeping with the numbers sequence... here I am with siblings 5 & 7 on the big night out (see below). We are all putting on a good face for the camera. 5 and 7 belong to seemingly tougher gangs than I.

Here I am with sibling 7 just before a big night out in December 2004 in cowtown. This is not a camera trick. That is sibling 7 and not my mirror reflection.

The big night out took place in the midst of my final exam and research paper writing. It was really not such a big night out, rather it was a cold night out... since siblings 5,7 and I had planned to eat at some restaurant that turned out to be closed... so we had to stroll up and down the street in search of an establishment that fit both our culinary tastes and our limited student budgets. Oh what wild times were these... a group of girls prowling the Calgary streets wearing stylish scarves of my own creation.

I am sure that many are jealous of my wild life full of cheer. It can be difficult to keep it all in balance with my intense educational pursuits... but somehow I manage.