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Before I go off to bed... having just submitted some school work. My laptop was all warmed up so I thought... why not make a blog post.

Indulged in a little educational Photoshop training earlier this evening with fellow photographic/technographic/northern geographic zealot and Canon DSLR aficionado w. It is essential that we hone our Photoshop skills (w. on his white wonder and me on my super-resolution vision impairer) in anticipation of the impending launch of our collaborative weblog/photography studio/graphic design business/radio hosting service/fashion makeover series... random.spontaneity (or in other words... our joint entrepreneurial efforts in the world of webpublications, multimedia, etc.). Perhaps our new company/publication title is a bit limiting... random.spontaneity won't draw the crowd of nature lovers like northern.geographic was going to (too many lawsuits to worry about with that name) but I for one don't mind trying out a niche market. I like to think that the name is fitting... after all our astrologist told us that our relationship is best based on intuition and impulses. Following that advice has been very effective so far. Looking for evidence... just look at the gorgeous photo I was able to take over the weekend when we stormed one of the local grocery stores and took pictures with wild abandon.

perhaps the stars forsee a bright future for more random.spontaneity... stay tuned for the premiere launch.


  1. o talented one, i liked the pic so much i'm using it as my msn display picture.