2005 crept quietly...


Perhaps I should write that my holidays were filled with cheer. It would be partially true. It is always just partially true.

I spent my New Year's Eve reading Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code... an interesting book, but not exactly my style. I could tell you precisely what I did not like about the book, but I do not wish to reveal any secrets of the book today. Another time perhaps.

2005 is shaping up to be a year of trying to decide whether I should care about things or not. The answer is obvious... since how can I not care about things... but the individual reigns supreme... apathy is contagious... and it is easier just not to care.

But in the meantime I will carry on as usual. I'm going to spend the afternoon reading another book by Dan Brown, Angels and Demons. Again, probably not my style, but this is one of the few novels in the house that I have not read.

Watch for updates on my first sweater... and other miscellaneous projects (academic or otherwise) that I have on the go.