theorist gone wild


When you pursue a degree that is primarily conducted via distributed learning (aka online learning), get used to IM... and expressing yourself through IM handles (or monickers as my one brother likes to say).

My essays undergo revision after revision. I am never satisfied. Is my theoretical framework strong enough? Are my citations correct? It's enough to drive any student insane. But then I like to claim to be an abstract theorist... I go a little crazy and compose pages and pages (and always in longhand when I'm on a roll) with my Pilot BP-S Fine pen. That is why I am a theorist gone wild (thanks B. for the inspiration).

From the Self-Portrait Series
This is the crazed theorist look (I use this mostly for catalogue work)...
My inspriation for this look... cow eyes in the tractor headlights.

Here's another gem for you to consider:

The justice of an interpretation thus depends upon the rethinking of reading as a singular ethical-political act (a kind of rewriting) rather than as an attempt to mirror the text read. As readers, we write after rather than about texts, seeking to link phrases to them that will best testify to their irrepresentable, the singularity of their demand to be read, their differend.

Maybe Lyotard was on to something with this? Will my research paper reveal the answer? I'll only find out Monday at midnight...