time flies while waiting for spring


The first couple months of the year always seem to pass by so quickly that I hardly have the time to stop and reflect. It's probably a coping mechanism to get through the long stretch of winter. My days are spent working and attending to household matters (I'm much more of a winter clean type of person than a spring clean) with the occasional evening out with friends followed by frequent dreams of vacations in faraway lands.

the january cardigan
The sweater, completed during dark January evenings in the company of Bones on Netflix.

The last part of my Christmas vacation was spent starting to knit a cozy weekend cardigan using the yarn my sister Francesca gave me in our family gift exchange. I was determine to finish the sweater in January so I could at least get some wear out of it before winter was over. I succeeded and was on such a knitting roll that I started a second sweater project and set a sort of half-hearted goal to knit one garment every month this year (all for me with one exception). I expect I'll have to abandon that plan once I start making time to work on the growing queue of projects that others have requested/demanded I make for them. 

At the beginning of February my sister Noemi and brother-in-law were in town with my nephew for a short work visit. Noemi and I took in the sights (read: shopping) and had a sister's lunch at Tres Carnales with Alessandra. Tacos were consumed while Alessandra and I plotted how we could steal Lucas' eyelashes.

Lucas being super cute!
As stated, there has been the occasional evening out with friends. More recently I indulged in a little recreational slumming at a bowling alley (10-pin is not my game), followed by a classier (dressed) affair at Halo where the Urban Monks were doing their dj thing.

Marc and Thomas' sets were early. Too early for me to dance.
Fellow ladies Christy and Lauren having fancy lady conversation.
Zach listens as the fancy ladies converse.
Later we added some more gentlemen to our party. Marc joined us after his set, and the gentleman made an appearance.
Hilarity ensued.
An appropriate ladylike response.
It was almost like the camera wasn't there at all.
 The evening out was the first time I had really taken any photos since Christmas (other than of yarn and knitting projects) and it was nice to resume taking photos after an unplanned photographic hiatus.
I had another delightful opportunity to take more photos when Sable asked me to take some portraits she could use for her choir headshots. I edited a few last night after a Family Day dinner with the gentleman's family. 

After shooting a series of simple portraits inside, Sable and I headed outdoors to take a few in the gently fallen snow. The resulting photos have given me a new appreciation of winter.