glory days of summer


 The nights are getting cooler now and it's time to take a look back on another summer that has just flown by. It's been a full and busy summer, packed with things like...

Heading to baby Juno's celebration on Sunday. #hipstersistersonvacation
road trips in rural Alberta and a (partial) sibling reunion in Quebec

Montreal parks are the best for picnics. We came bearing donuts and left with bellies full of delicious dinner and ears buzzing from good conversation.
leisurely picnics in beautiful Montreal parks and spontaneous backyard dinners with friends
A real gentleman knows how to use a fan. @chrisjhenderson with his special lady friends K&A at the wedding this weekend.
  crashing a couple weddings so Chris could charm the ladies
Kitchen party Patio party
kitchen parties and patio parties
@mrkellar channeling his inner Despatie. the ball game
letting the Olympics inspire athletic and spectator pursuits  

scenes from apartment living... Juno liked the baby Bay blanket Chris and I gave her. Just a little bit of Canadiana to take back to South Africa. 
  cleaning the apartment during thunderstorms and visiting with faraway friends
Birthday balloons Arrested development has taught me many things, one of the top is hair down glasses off. 
celebrating my 30th birthday