summer days


Uhh, maybe while I'm thinking about lifestyle changes to help reduce migraines I should also address my recent return to a more nocturnal lifestyle. Maybe I'm just not used to the longer days of summer and my body needs a couple hours of dark before it starts to feel tired.

But how could anyone resist staying up late? There is so much to do between work and curling up in bed with a sore head.

There are events for the civic-minded.

when a whistle has been whetted registered
applaud secret identity

There will be trips to the market and then festivals in the park.

the pit stops here an interview with Baby D
baby teeth

and let's not forget spending some time on the balcony while the gentleman cooks supper on the barbeque and I talk business with the ladies.

bench warmer brick by brick

And then of course there are all the upcoming summertime birthdays... Fast approaching is the 143rd birthday of Canada, followed by me and America (turning 28 and 234 respectively). No fireworks for my fourth of July celebrations though... just a chill afternoon with friends.

before and aftermath...

I'll be making do with the Canada Day fireworks, although this year I'm really looking forward to taking pictures since I'll have the best vantage point I've ever had. No fighting with the crowds or having people trip over my tripod.