date night: two versions


The gentleman and I had been planning for sometime to take a drive to the countryside for the express purpose of taking photographs. Now, while I had a daytime drive in mind, last weekend I was surprised when, nearing midnight, the gentleman asked if I wanted to drive out to Elk Island (a dark sky preserve) to take pictures of the stars.

Although I was already dressed in my pajamas and a little bit sleepy, the prospect of long exposure shots was too tempting. So I packed up all my photo equipment and we headed out of the city. Unfortunately for us, by the time we arrived at the park some clouds had rolled in and masked all signs of the stars and the moon. Still, the drive was a bit of a novelty and while I didn't get any photos of the sky I did shoot some footage of the transition from urban freeway to rural highway.

The next day I had put together a rough cut of the footage and I was asking the gentleman for his opinion on the background music. I had been thinking of using M. Ward's cover of Pete Townshend's Let My Love Open the Door, because I had in my mind that this video was just a document of a romantic little date we had. The gentleman's first suggestion was Tiptoe through the Tulips. How drole, he's clearly not as inclined to romance as I am and likes to make fun of me for it. After watching the footage a few times and trying various songs, I jokingly mentioned how the shadows and darkness made things look much more sinister than they actually were. It was then that the gentleman made a more serious suggestion of Red Right Hand by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.

Take a look at the sequence of shots, but this time, instead of a sweet little drive out into the country to go star gazing, it looks more like a cold and calculated body dump in the woods. Despite the more sinister feel, I actually prefer it to my original concept.

I was going to add a closing shot of the gentleman smiling through the windshield of the car, his face partly obscured in shadow... but somebody refused to comply. Oh well, I should have thought about it on the night, but that's what I get for making little movies at one o'clock in the morning with no pre-planning.