migraine update


Today I woke up with another headache and slugged through the day until I found myself grasping my head between my hands every ten seconds. Another migraine, brought on this time by who knows what combination of dehydration, lack of sleep, erratic changes in the weather, diet, and the stealthiest of all symptoms... stress.

The headache pain has mostly subsided now, but I'm feeling weak and sluggish, which is unfortunate since I have to help my siblings clean their apartment tonight so it can be ready for their final inspection tomorrow.

In a bit of Internet timeliness today, this morning I was checking my feeds and saw a photo from one of my flickr contacts that led me to her blog about eating a gluten-free diet as a preventative cure for her migraines. The idea intrigues me a little, mostly because the recipes she posts look delicious and easy to make, and most significantly she doesn't get migraines anymore.

Since I'm about to do my next set of meal planning, I'm going to try out some of these recipes and modify my current ones to be gluten-free. I don't think it should be too big of a deal. Even if it is, If the end result is less migraine pain, then I will be very happy.