the vacation reel


I had been promising a coworker of mine for weeks that I would show her my vacation photos. I'd been putting it off since I haven't actually finished going through them all yet, but I gave in and finally showed her the ones I have posted so far, along with one of the videos compilations I made on Sunday afternoon. I'm not exactly skilled with shooting video with my camera yet, but I won't get anywhere without practice. And practice I did with these travel videos.

And what did I learn? That panning makes me sick, that I have to take some more time to setup my shots and that I need to set up them up differently than when I take photographs. I also learned that sometimes I need to let action come to me rather than try to pursue it without a steadycam. I need to learn to remain stationary and record movement rather than be the one who moves.

But for some amateurish home movies... eh, they're not bad.

spring break (part two)

One of these days I'll get around to writing up longer form entries about my trip. These video summaries will have to suffice for at least a little while. My newest work project is consuming much of my mental prowess these days.