an artistic adventure in millwoods


Let's pretend that my Sunday went a little bit like this...

So there I was, lounging on the daybed doing my best to look peaceful and relaxed.

The phone rings. It's actually close enough for me to hear it and see who's calling.

I answer. It's one of my many friends inviting me out to socialize. An art show... in Millwoods! But of course, I'm always up for an adventure.

hear call screen call take call

Of course that's not exactly how my Sunday morning unfolded (plans were actually hatched days before and sorted out via text and email... I almost never use my phone as a phone anymore, but I felt like constructing a bit of a false narrative so that I could post the series of pictures above), but I did end up in Millwoods at an art show. It's not all creative fiction.

Much like Saturday, the weather was spectacular. The sunny skies and warm temperatures meant it was definitely sundress time. I wasn't the only one with this idea. Most of the ladies in attendance were baring their legs in some form.

untraditional hem thrillwoods!galleria legs

The artshow was totally casual and relaxed. The artist, Erin Hooper, is an old friend of Sarah and her sister Sable, and her parents had transformed their home into a makeshift gallery for her art. Erin's paintings, sketches,  and etchings were on display throughout the house. I actually preferred it to the last gallery showing I went to. I find that sometimes it can be hard to imagine what a piece of art would like in a room full of furniture and books, in between curios and whatnots, in rooms where you can't stand back 5-10 ft. to admire a piece. What does art look like in rooms where we live? It was interesting to see Erin's art in the context of a home, in some ways it made of the really huge pieces that she had created seem much more accessible. I think it would be interesting to see an independent gallery that was set up more like a house with art in it... I wonder if people would buy more? There was one piece that I would have loved to buy, but it just wasn't something I had budgeted for. Sigh.


I'd like to mix in a few original paintings and illustrations in with my photographs. It will happen, eventually.

The afternoon was particularly lovely. I got to meet new people, play with my very charming surrogate nephew, and drink lemonade. All-in-all, it was a good afternoon. The only thing that was missing was my sister Alessandra who was supposed to come along too so that we could have made it a trio of sisters... Sarah + Sable, Emma + Erin, and then of course me and Alessandra. She let us all down. Alessandra, if you're reading this... we were all very disappointed in you ;)

the artist artist at resttaking the stairs the man and the mirror

On my way back from the artshow, I stopped by Grandin station to photograph some of the blossoming flora along the street. Of course photographs weren't enough given my new recent obsession with pointless little films. But how could I resist?

the city is blooming the city is blooming

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind.