adventures in home cooking


The only thing I really miss about my old apartment is the kitchen. It's not as if the appliances were any better (the appliances are actually slightly nicer here), but the old kitchen was more spacious and had lots of natural light. My current kitchen lacks any natural light. Short of knocking down part of a wall (I highly doubt that will happen but I've still got sketches of what I would do if that were possible) there is no way I can overcome that. When I first moved in, the lack of natural light was a bit of a hindrance to my wanting to cook (I'm a bit of a sensitive soul, take me away from the sun and I wither away), but I've since overcome most of my issues and have made my triumphant return to cooking at home.

I'm celebrating for a number of reasons. For one, it's much more economical to cook at home. On that point the gentleman and I are in complete agreement. Secondly, although I don't think I need to congratulate myself for making a meal (I don't think cooking is really all that difficult), I do feel some level of accomplishment for not letting myself ignore meals. I have very bad eating habits when it comes to just me. I skip breakfast, I sometimes don't eat lunch until 2 or 3 in the afternoon and if I'm eating dinner alone I am less inclined to make a big meal. I never see what the big fuss is about feeding just me. When it comes to feeding others though, my behaviour is quite the opposite.

only slightly roasted

For others I will prepare elaborate meals. I'll try new recipes both simple and complicated. The other day I roasted a chicken (only the third time I've done that). I'll make special trips to the grocery store so that we can have fresh fruit for dessert. I love cooking for other people. But cooking for just me fails to excite me. Even tonight, it's already after six, and the only thing that is motivating me to cook supper is that I will be making enough so that there are leftovers for the gentleman when he arrives home from his weekend away (even though I know he'll probably already have eaten, but then the leftovers can be used for lunch tomorrow). Ridiculous, non?

When it comes to making sure I cook more at home I endeavour to come up with plans to eat with others more often. I need to keep meals at home social to make up for my general lack of enthusiasm when it comes to just cooking. Unlike a lot of other people, I like delicious food but it doesn't motivate me the same way it does other people. I am appreciative of good cooking and would consider myself a pretty proficient cook, but I am not a foodie. The financial incentives of cooking at home are nice too, but saving money doesn't make up for lack of dinner companions. I hate eating alone and as a result detest cooking for one. Maybe the solution to my problem is to always cook for two and hope that someone will show up as a guest to dine with me.