a sick day


Last night I fully intended to work on the portfolio side of raffaellaloro.com, which I've refreshed with a simple tumblr site. But by the time I wrapped up my work projects around 7, the sun had started to go down and I really wasn't much in the mood for an evening of extended computer work.

all alone wih the information highway

As it was, I ended up taking some pictures of the view from my apartment, both the east facing view that overlooks the gas station and always busy 109th Street and the view north that looks in to the apartments of the neighbouring building.

the east

the north

This morning I woke up with a bit of a horrid spring cold, dampening my enthusiasm for the weekend. I had no meetings today so I was working from home, but eventually by mid-afternoon I was too beat to continue. I stumbled to the grocery store to get some supplies and once outside I winced at how nice the weather was. It would have been perfect for an extended stroll, except I might have made it halfway across the bridge before wanting and needing to turn around.

between a rock and a hard place

So, at home I've remained for the rest of the night. I've made no additional headway with my website, I've not accomplished any additional organization of the apartment. Those tasks remain in the queue for another day. I make no promises or predictions that day will be tomorrow.