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New York City! (and Washington D.C)

I just read Sarah's blog post about our upcoming trip to Washington DC and New York, and let me tell you that all it has done has made me even more anxious to leave tomorrow. I still have to finish packing (which will have to wait until later this evening) as I am still finishing up some work projects. Need to make sure that there will be content posted to the City blog while I'm away (and thanks to the wonder of technology I can even moderate any comments that might come in on my iPhone. But not too much. I will be on vacation after all).

Sarah had lots of pictures to post from her last trip to New York, alas, I have not been even really visited the States at all (unless you can count a layover in the Miami airport) so I have no pictures to share. But there will be plenty of photos to share when I get back. While we're in Washington the cherry blossom festival will be on, and although we will leave before the blooms peak, I am really hopeful that there will be at least some flowering while we are there.

floral bokeh(t)

Last year I didn't see any blooms in Edmonton until late in May. And while that might be true to the saying, April showers bring May flowers, my fingers are crossed that while visiting Washington and New York that the blossoms might come out a little bit earlier than expected. But I can't force nature to bend to my will, so I'm not getting my hopes up too high.

The one thing about this spring break trip that I am both eagerly anticipating and not looking forward to is all the walking I will be doing. Winter does not involve a heavy amount of walking for me and my cold from the past week and a half weakened my spirit so that I was inclined to take the train whenever I needed to go to the office (okay that and the train is so convenient). I have yet to resume my many kilometre daily constitutional and I fear that after the first day my proverbial dogs might be so weak that they cannot even bark.

the shoe dilemma (redux)

But a good night's rest and all will be well. My camera will give me the courage to go on.