six years strong


This first entry of 2010 represents over six years of blogging. It seems sort of crazy that I've been working on a project this long. Six years writing about whatever comes to my head. Like today for example, I'm writing as a way to work through a mean case of the winter blues. I think I might be coming down with a cold or something, as for the past two days I've been feeling about as low key as one can get. It's hard to feel sorry for myself though, since the gentlemen is much more worse for wear than I am. So much so, that we are both wallowing in misery in our respective residences, with no one to tend to us to bring us soup. So, as I let myself linger in this melancholy mood I've turned to my constant companions of my blog and flickr and I will write and post photos until I feel a little bit better.

I rang in the New Year with a new set of folks at the bungalow, with the ever-so-hospitable hosts Miss Sarah and fam. It was a bit of a dressy affair so I dressed up in a pretty little black dress, wrap sweater and fishnetty stockings. I didn't seem to get a single shot where you can see the dress properly, so be content with this shot of my stockings.

feet up, ready for 2010

Contrary to my mood today, NYE was actually quite festive. Everyone was in a good mood and there were more than a few willing participants to pose for the rap video style wide angle shots with the silver shutter shades that Alessandra and I bought at Bang-On on Whyte last year to wear to a neon-party. I'm happy to say, that this party was a much classier affair, if only because people were dressed up in their slightly fancy duds.

the coop

hiphop New Year's

the rocking horse winner

Maybe it's just the fascination with my new camera, but I find that I'm taking it with me a lot more frequently. At least it appears so. My fascination with documenting things is not something new. When I was at home over Christmas I found the box of all my old photographs that I had sorted in little filing folders. I had been planning to redo all my photo albums and I think I had even got so far along as to begin a few scrapbook pages, but I didn't get beyond a few pages relating to my high school graduation and early stages of infancy. The rest of my photos remained in this little accordian files, neatly labeled and organized. Even in those pre-digital SLR days, I was destined to be a photographic documentarian.

And so what did I document as 2009 transitioned to 2010, but the strange ritual known as Beatles' Rock Band.

paperback wriTTAAAAHHHH!

I used to scoff at parties that centred around the playing of games (board, console or otherwise) or the watching of random YouTube videos (and to be fair, when I have hosted parties I have tried my best to avoid those things - and cards, I sort of detest card games). But I realized that I was just being a cynic and that people love to play games. So, over time I have conceded a little bit. I will play trivia games or pictionary, I will watch people play cards, and I will be amused by the antics of people playing Wii or the case of this party, be impressed by the musical repetoire and skill (or lack there of) of the various party guests as they took turns being John, Paul, George and Shining Time Station's own Ringo "I play the drums" Starr.

dress for success

And this my friends is where being the girl with the camera comes in handy. Because when you don't necessarily feel comfortable being one of the performers, you can still participate in your own way and photograph the fun. It's not as lonely as it sounds. In some ways you have to be more aware of what is going on, you end up watching for things that other people don't notice.

mop top

I realize that you can't experience everything from behind the lens, but for me, some things are better because of it. This blog is just one of those things that have benefited from my time spent behind a camera.