in search of the new yankee workshop


If you had asked me if I wanted to sell my apartment in September I would have said no. In fact, I did, rather vehemently in October. However, like with all things, I changed my mind, and on Saturday I met with the real estate agent to sign some papers. And just like that condomaximus was put up for sale.

home office

I didn't know how I felt about the impending sale of my residence until I got a call from the real estate agent on Sunday saying that there was a fellow interested in seeing the place. Then I started to get excited, on Saturday I was much more unsettled. The gentleman and I had an afternoon of reconnaissance shopping for the new apartment planned, but neither of us were really in the right mood to do that very effectively. But following the news of someone being interested in the other property, we managed to make up for the shortfall in our recon in the development of new ideas. Now comes the challenge of turning the concepts into something real. That means somehow figuring out how we will build a desk, something that would be much simpler if we had a workshop and tools or if one of us was related to Norm Abram. Not-so-secret: I loved to watch New Yankee workshop when I was younger. I learned a lot about woodworking and have always wanted a workshop like Norm. It's how I know about dovetail joints, biscuits, dado, dowel, butt joints, nail set, ball-peen hammer, router, c-lamps, and a variety of other terms that I bust out every now and again. My sister Francesca and I used to joke that if we ever got married we wanted someone like Norm Abram to be our father-in-law. Alas, I have no such father-in-law and my own Papa (a skilled woodworker in his own right) is many hundred kilometres away. So the gentleman and I will need to do a little bit of research before we attempt the building of this custom desk. It's a really simple concept, but without the proper tools even a simple concept can become complicated.