oh anemia, you're shaking my confidence daily


These days it is difficult for me to tell the difference between physical tiredness and emotional tiredness. I'm just exhausted. Everything is a chore. I don't even have the energy to sit at my desk to type this [editor's note: it has taken me all afternoon to type this part paragraph]. Knowing that I've been feeling more lethargic than usual I took my blood cells in for their annual spin to check and see if my reds are playing nice with my whites. Waiting to hear news of the results. The trouble is that I've been dealing with everything else at the same time. Waiting to hear back from the doctor, waiting to hear back from work, adjusting to my new role as Han Solo... Let's just say, life is a regular laugh riot.

But who am I kidding? Of course I'm physically tired. I can barely concentrate on this little task and let me tell you, drafting up job applications when I feel like this is not very pleasant. This leaves me in a bit of chicken and egg situation. Perhaps the physical tiredness came first, but then add a bit of emotional turmoil/stress, which of course serves only to exacerbate the situation. Life becomes a layer cake of fatigue, one tired layer upon another with a smidge of stress to keep it all together.

This is not really the direction I was planning to take this post... it wasn't supposed to be a woe is me sort of affair. But I really am super tired and I think it's clouding my head a bit. I would really like to not be so tired and get back a little bit of mental clarity. Green leafy vegetables, red meat, iron supplements, rest... they're just not doing the trick this time. Maybe my health practitioner will have some news for me.

If you feel like cheering me up and you aren't around to provide me with moral support, you can always give the gift of flickr. My pro account expires in a couple weeks (on Sept. 9th to be exact) and it would be one gift that you can be sure that I will like and use daily.