the long weekend


wishing for windows © Raffaella Loro

I think it's widely accepted that weekends are not long enough. However, when a 'long' weekend comes along usually I don't feel like they were long enough either. This past set of days off has been a little different. I feel like I've got it all done, socializing, photography, relaxing, dinner with friends and family, and now a day off at the end to think and knit.

As I've been getting older it's been harder and harder for me to sleep in. I've always been a fitful sleeper and my body doesn't differentiate between work days and weekends. So, for the past few days I've been up at my regular work time, my mind and body active. A., however, has an amazing ability to sleep... so I've spent a few hours in the morning before he wakes up doing a few quiet activities here and there, writing, reading, RSSing, and roaming on the internets. These are not unusual activities, but for some reason they had a certain air of freshness about them. Perhaps it was the weather outside. We have been experiencing a series of glorious spring days, it's been sunny and the sky has been a picturesque blue with big fluffy clouds. I suppose it felt more summer than spring. The city seemed almost foreign and I felt like I was on vacation in a different city, where the light has a certain crispness and all you can hear is the traffic below.

The rest of the day belongs to me. I have nothing I must accomplish which means I can do whatever I want. I love days like this.