I work well when I'm given the opportunity to direct myself. Give me a task and let me figure out how to do it. Give me the opportunity to explore tangents as I see fit and I will remain happy and productive. I do not like to boxed in. Thankfully, happily, joyously, my current job provides me with just the freedom I need. I'm getting to incorporate all my mad skillz (I don't know when I started writing skillz, but I did at some point and I continue to do it in informal settings). The physical setup of my work area leaves a bit to be desired, but that may be solved this month when we move offices.

So what is the key to my work happiness? Encourage my ideas, let me put them into action. If this streak of good luck continues I will continue the trend of skipping merrily on my way to and from work and only grumble a little bit about my ugly desk and the lack of InDesign (so far).