the infinite hour and a half


I'm positively at the edge of my seat this afternoon. All of my projects are complete but due to the nature of the beast, I have to scramble to fill this last hour and a half of my day. Which poses the question about productivity at work. Not every job has a steady stream of things to be done. I don't work in a factory or some shop where if there is time to lean, there's time to clean. I'm a pencil pusher most of the time... and on really good days I'm paid to use my brain in interesting ways. However, when things are a little slow and I'm wishing that the day was over and I could be working on something just for me (for example, finishing the cardigan I'm knitting or being outside in the sunshine taking photos)I'm always reminded of this essay that I read some time ago. If you're interested in rethinking the way we work give it a read. It's long, but it has some very valid and interesting arguments.

A little while ago I took my personal photography site offline (or rather I told my friend who was managing it for me to take it offline). He still owned the domain name and emailed me today to see if I wanted to take it over. I figure I should probably do something, revamp the site so it is more current (not that I am really pursuing photography professionally these days), maybe put up more of my architecture shots. Thinking about this has made me wonder what I will do with this blog. I've often considered whether I should move it to my own domain or switch to wordpress. I might just revamp the template again, since there seems to be some problems with posts that I've added directly from flickr (at least from this antiquated browser once I move into the archive pages the text size begins to decrease to the point that it is completely unreadable). I don't know though. This site is ho-hum and doesn't generate a lot of traffic. Maybe I'll just export all of the posts and make a book on blurb and then retire from this blogging business. I do have another project that I've been dabbling with recently. Perhaps I should turn more of my attention there. Oh, I don't know. I'm fond of this little chunk of internets I've carved out for myself here.