the economy cubicle


It's not so nice outside that I would care to wander the streets during my lunch hour. Having brought my lunch to work, but neglecting to bring both my camera and knitting, meant that my mid-day break would be quiet and involve idle rambling on the internet. I did venture away from my desk for a short while, heading up twelve floors to join Aryn for lunch in his leafy cube with views of the north east. He has a nice little home up there. It's sort of like flying first class compared to my economy cubicle. He's got real plates, cutlery and seasoning. He has photos up on the walls and maps and books and an aquarium. My office has none of this. I'm wedged into a desk that's falling apart. I have a single poster on my wall and an assortment of mismatched desk accessories. We're supposed to be moving over the next month and I don't think it's worth it to set up shop here if I just have to move it all again. The extent of my nesting involves a little case with hand lotion and hair elastics. I'm saving myself for the next office. Perhaps lonely lunches like these won't be so bad once we move. I'll bring some photos with me and personalize my space. Perhaps I'll be near a window that doesn't look out towards a blank wall. If not, by then spring will really be here and I'll go for a walk at lunch. I'll search out green grass and make it my own.