speaking... the forgotten art


rainy day woman © Raffaella Loro

I stayed at home today... not in the mood to talk to anyone or really do anything. The first bit of conversation after a day alone is always the strangest. Hearing words spoken by someone else isn't as odd as hearing the words that you are saying. You've spent your entire day listening to other sounds. Your only contribution has been to breathe, chew, swallow. Your own voice becomes foreign, and when you finally speak, you kind of miss the silence. I don't think I could live like this for very long. Eventually I might forget how to speak.

A few more days wouldn't be so bad though. If the rain were to keep up and I had an endless supply of books and movies I might be inclined. Although I love to sit and listen to the sounds of the street below, it's hardly something that captures my attention for an entire day. I wish my apartment would stay the same, but the scenery would move past me slowly, as if it were on a moving sidewalk. Sunny days would be a different story... I don't need the sidewalk to move for me, just a sidewalk that I can move on.