do you see what I see?


the crowd waits... © Raffaella Loro

There are times when the weekend rolls seamlessly into the week. We return to work feeling refreshed and revitalized. It's a brand new week. However, there are other times when we find ourselves back at a desk and it seems like we've never left. The world has a funny way of reminding us that things don't change much when we're away. My coworker for example, she was away for a week on the BC Coast and had all but forgotten about the daily stresses of the workplace. However, when she put on the stereo in the car this morning, the exact same song that she was listening to on the way home from work on her last day before vacation came on. It was as if she had never left. This is really not that amazing, considering it was a track on a cd that she was listening to, and her stereo will automatically start where it left off. At the same time though, it can be slightly disconcerting... an unwelcome welcome back.

If you've spent anytime on my photostream lately, you may have noticed an increase in the number of diptychs I've been posting. I haven't been shooting with diptychs in mind, but when I've been processing my images I've found that alone the images do not convey as much of the story I want to tell. I also like how the juxtaposition of two images can actually make two weak images more visually appealing just through comparison and relation. It's fascinating really. Perhaps it's fascinating only to me because I know the larger context of the images. I can recall the feeling and mood of the room when the images were taken. At least initially I can. Photographs take on a life of their own once you view them in isolation. They can start to suggest a different story, particularly when you place them next to another image.

if only I could survive off of letting other people see what I see.