an opportunity not to be missed


what is this? some kind of joke? Can it be really true that I am online at the airport with free internet? This is ridiculous.

What's more ridiculous of course is the really lame elevator music that's playing. It's a sort of soft saxophone medley... perfect for a hotel restaurant with a really ugly fountain.

Since I will be bringing my computer with me on this trip I will attempt to provide regular updates of my travels. I do have to spend a fair amount of time researching for a big paper that I have to write, but because this is also vacation time I am hoping to be able to spend some time doing things that I like... mainly the taking, editing, and posting of photos.

I have nothing of interest to report at the moment. It's 5:28 am, I've had less than an hour sleep. We had a number of friends come over to bid adieu... an old coworker of mine showed up next door and I gave him a tour, and subsequently gave my neighbours and their new dog a tour of our place... then our friends gave them a tour of their apartment one floor down. And of course, while all this was going on Aryn was installing backsplash panels to go behind the open shelving in the kitchen. It was a fairly ridiculous night. After everyone left I considered not going to sleep at all, but after watching an episode of 30 Rock I gave in and attempted to get some rest for until the alarm went off at 3:45am.

Right now Aryn is stretched out across three seats trying to sleep before we board the plane. He somehow got it into his head that he will be going on some sort of semi-rugged nature walk while we are in the caribbean and wanted to bring his hiking boots. Apparently, he has no footwear that is in-between his city shoes that he wears to work, or his bierkenstocks. And because his hiking boots are so heavy he has to wear them on the plane. I tried to dissuade him. I told him that hiking boots were a little inappropriate for the tropics... and that he would never be venturing off the beaten path because there are guerillas hiding in the bushes. I was particularly amsued by this statement... I had visions of guerillas in the mist, another film starring Sigourney Weaver.

Gawd, my back is sore. I think I loaded too much into my carry on and now I've pulled a muscle. I am not looking forward to hours of plane travel. Plus I see there will be a baby on this flight. I hope he is a good traveler and falls asleep. I would like to get some shuteye on this first section of the trip. We have about six hours to kill in Toronto once we get there, and we'll have to be alert. Our friend Carina is meeting up with us and taking us to the best Swiss Chalet in the world, which apparently is in Terminal 3 of the Toronto Airport. I haven't been to a Swiss Chalet since I was ten. I don't even think I had any chicken then.

45 minutes until we board our flight. We'll arrive in Trinidad by midnight. Perhaps there will be an update from Toronto if I can locate some more free WiFi.