argghhhyle socks...


jacked back attack... © Raffaella Loro

The bats are making noise in the corner of the room right now.

That is not a euphemism.

There is a nest of bats outside the house and at certain times in the evening they screech and scratch under the eaves. Aryn took to keeping a field hockey stick in the room in order to reach up high enough to smack the wall next to the little flying rodents.

I've finally returned from my week in Tobago. The majority of the time was spent at the beach... but of course I was sans internet the entire time which was moderately disconcerting for me. Thankfully I survived. I will now resume blogging my trip... if the interweb allows me.

I had been a bit concerned about bring my camera with me to Trindad and Tobago. I was worried how heavy it might be, but I had it in my mind that we were going to be doing a lot of strolling around. That has not been the case. While Tobago proved to be a bit more accessible than Trinidad for pedestrian traffic (at least where we were staying, we could walk into the village, walk to the airport, walk to a few different beaches), neither island is really one that you navigate by foot. We are always within a reasonable distance from a vehicle so it is quite easy to carry around a load of camera equipment. Europe might be another story... I would need a better camera bag to be sure... Regarding my camera though. Nearly everyone on the trip brought a camera with them. I've been downloading the photos to my computer, and so far we've taken a collection 12GB of still images and video clips. That's rather ridiculous, this has to be one of the better documented vacations I have ever taken. I have no idea when I'm going to find the time to go through all of the images and pull out the best ones to make into a 90 second recap and commemorative photo book. I suppose it will be my summer project. By the time I get back it will be June already... and then shortly there after it will be my July and my birthday. Then winter will be back again... Arrggghhh (my new saying I've just coined... argghhhyle socks)

I don't really feel like recapping my Tobago trip just now... as I'm fairly exhausted from my day touring around another part of the island with Aryn, my uncle Stephen, and my two brothers. We visited three different beaches, but I didn't go and bathe in any of them (trini slang... bathe=swim, sit in the ocean). It was a really picturesque coastline... classic shots of curving palm trees and miles and miles of sandy beach. If only my photo club had been with me... we would have had a riot of a time.

My posts have nothing of substance in them these days. I must have just got out of the habit of blogging I suppose. Time to step it up.