beer, beaches, and babes.


shandy town © Raffaella Loro

ahh vacation... how wonderful it is.

so far I've accomplished very little, but I really don't care. This vacation is not about seeing the sights, but to relax... and relax I have.

After arriving on Saturday evening... I sat up with my family then went to bed. Sounds uneventful, but it was late and I was tired after a day of travel. Sunday was more exciting, all of my relatives from around the island came for a party of sorts. We ate delicious roti and partied in the pool. This will turn out to be a bit of a routine I think. Monday was more of the same... My sister, sister-in-law and I hung out in the pool, indulging in the copious amounts of vitamin D available in the Caribbean. As I have the tendency to suffer from heat stroke I did my best to stay cool. However, despite my best efforts the head started to ache... and after a few hours in the sun I had to spend the rest in the shade.

Today was not much more eventful... some shopping, some driving, more eating of delicious food, more time in the pool. And the painful uploading of photos to flickr on a very sluggish internet connection. So far, I'm really enjoying the break. I have all the comforts of home, but better weather.

I just realized it's after midnight though... and I should really sleep. My younger brother and sister are watching The Shining and I don't feel like going to sleep disturbed. Funny story though, during one portion of the freaky music where the caretaker realizes that the little boy is telephathic, there was a violent banging on the doors from the outside patio. All three of us were freaked out beyond belief (ehhhhh... no eloquence tonight), but thankfully it turned out to be my cousins who were locked out of the house. It was a lot funnier than I just described it. I think I must be tired. I was hoping to write an interesting update, but instead it has turned out to be pretty dull.

you'll just have to take my word that my trip so far is awesome.