glasses are to me as crutches are to tiny tim...


twin lens reflex... © Raffaella Loro

It's really started to get cold here, with temperatures getting close to minus 20 C. Basically it's cold enough that my glasses fog up when I walk into work after my short walk from home. My vision is extremely poor and rather than take off my glasses while the lenses clear up, I keep them on so I can see where I'm going. Anyone with glasses will be familiar with the way fog clears on lenses. Often you end up with owl eyes, as the centres of the lenses clear (in my glasses the centre is the thinnest part) and the outer edges take a little longer. Well, I'm waiting to get on the elevator to go upstairs and this woman looks at me and says, "ooh... your glasses are all fogged up, How cute!"

and I thought, "weirdo"

It reminded me of a clip that my sister showed me of the comedian Jiff Gaffigan (who apparently is coming to the Winspear in January). I can't access the Tube from this computer, but his routine basically went like this... you wear glasses, someone tries on your glasses, squnits, takes them off and is all "wooah, you're blind!" Would you do that to someone in a wheelchair? Say, "hey man, can I try on your wheelchair?" And then get out and be all "wooah, you're so cripple!"

That's what I thought of when the weirdo woman commented on the cuteness of my glasses. Cute is not the word I would use to describe my failing eyesight, which unfortunately is getting worse. I had a quick vision test for work and the guy advised that I get my eyes checked out. Mind you, I was wearing my contacts and my glasses prescription is stronger. I just have to compromise and wear glasses to work all the time because I spend all day in front of the computer. Oh the pain.