busy bee


so much for my committment to this blog...

My last post was sometime in late September, I went away on vacation - was too busy to post during that week - I returned to Edmonton to find that my contract position ended suddenly - I spent a few weeks in a rather depressing state of low self esteem, during which time I neglected my blog. However, here I am, many weeks later, jsut completing my first week of work at an exciting new job. Things are looking up for me. I get to incorporate a lot of my creative talents in my new position... working on heritage grants, dabbling in a little bit of graphic design and photography, juggling a little bit of event planning. For now the exact description of my position will remain a secret (most of you who read this know already so I don't really feel like I'm keeping you out of the loop). In an interesting turn of events though, on my first day of work at this new job I got a call from another company who I had submitted my resume to back in September. They didn't have any opportunities that were suitable for me back then but now they're interested.

what else will the future bring?