avoiding horizontal thinking


vertical spaces © Raffaella Loro

I've been back from Vancouver for about a week now, having returned just in time for the return of winter here in Edmonton. I have no further comments about the weather, I will express my disappointment through silence.

My trip back to Beautiful British Columbia was quick and filled with visits to many restaurants in the city, almost too many to really enjoy properly. Despite all my hopes otherwise, I did not get the chance to have some dedicated photography time (or time to visit with family and friends in the area) but the weekend was not really arranged with my photographic pursuits in mind... we were there for the birthday celebrations of the paternal kind (Aryn's father).

Since returning I've been contacted about shooting two more weddings for the summer as well as another commercial photoshoot. Working full-time in an area that is not photography related, I don't usually get the chance to actively advertise my photography so I'm always a bit surprised and excited when I am contacted about more work. With my new responsibilities as a homeowner, I have even less option to attempt to work solely as a photographer, but even if we were just still renting I would be unable to dedicate myself full-time. But if I continue to get work on a regular basis, perhaps in a year or so I may be in a position to reconsider my career options.

Despite thinking about many interesting things over the past week, I have not written about any of it. I think I must have started about three different posts and discarded them all for the lack of any connection to what I've written. What I've included so far hasn't been that meaningful either, but I always try to include something with the images that I post. Once again my words fail me.