reporting live from the southern alberta institute of technology...


The beauty of the blogging world, especially that of blogger... is the option of mobility. I am sitting here in the Schlumberger Computer lab of the L wing in the Senator Burns Building on the SAIT campus, reporting live.

As usual there is not much to report. I have spent the day in the company of my sisters, alternating from younger to older from morning to afternoon. I spent a short time compiling some more research for my essay on the educational uses of blogging and then did a little more research about possible programs for Graduate Studies. I'll be a long term thinker/dreamer for life. We will be hanging around campus until younger sister is finished for the evening and then head out for a meal.

This is probably one of my most boring blog updates... but I am in no mood for any philosophical musings. Perhaps something of interest will happen this evening. One can only hope.