balanced books


Each year I usually compile a list of the books that I might like getting as presents. I most often send this list around Christmastime, but I make sure to imply that I would welcome the addition of these books at any point during the year. My list is usually comprised of novels that were nominated for some award (yes, very tough criteria I employ) or recent works of novelists that have won those awards in the past. However, topping my list this year are a series of text books related to theory and research methodology. My level of geekness has reached new heights, and I proudly proclaim it to the world. But, for good measure I also threw in a few knitting books to provide some selection to my prospective gift-giving family members. It all makes perfect sense you see... the theory and research texts result in stress from overwork and the knitting books promote serenity through meditative knitting. The combination of books achieve perfect balance.


  1. Send me the list... perhaps santa will be good to you. Or, I might just buy you a book.

    I've got this years winner of the Man Booker prize on the way... what are your thoughts on second hand?

    Edmonton for the new year... I'll be there.

    FSJ for this year... you won't be here... I'll miss you!