a summery encore


Over the summer I had been collecting bits of footage here and there with the intention of making a video encompassing all the exciting things I had been up to. But just as I was saying goodbye to summer, Mother Nature piped in and said, "Too Soon!" I should have known better and waited for the autumnal equinox. I thought the Symphony would be the last event I'd include in this summer retrospective, but then there were a couple visits to the outdoor pool and then a rooftop dinner party that lasted well past sunset. Spending an evening with friends on a warm evening while the sun disappeared below the horizon seemed like a fitting finale for summer.

And with that I present a recap of my summer in less than two minutes. The longer recap is below.

While I managed to blog about most of my summer, there are a few notable events still missing from my blog. I'll get to them eventually, but I might as well finish writing about topics that I've already introduced like Symphony Under the Sky.

So here's what happened during the rest of the weekend...

After braving the chilly Friday evening performance we were rewarded with a beautiful weekend outside with the Symphony.  They were great company. On Saturday afternoon they entertained me with a matinee performance of Broadway favourites, followed by the Hollywood showcase in the evening. I was back again on Monday afternoon for the finale performance of Gershwin and the explosive 1812 Overture.


I always hope for a second summer in September, but it doesn't really seem like we ever get one. So when temperatures were close to 30 during the first part of the month I was eager to take advantage of it. I skipped what should have been time spent exercising at a lap pool with a few visits to the newly opened Queen Elizabeth Pool, swimming a few laps, but mostly I had a relaxing time in the water or reading an Agatha Christie murder mystery on the grassy deck.

We walked past the reflecting pool in front of the Alberta Legislature on our way to Queen E. Pool.
It was so hot out that we were tempted to stop our journey here.

It's easy to work up an appetite even when you're just treading water in the deep-end. After my stops at the pool I would be ravenous. During my search for food I did my best to find dining al fresco spots. Somehow the gentleman and I wrangled a pretty good invite for a rooftop picnic from dachshund owning Dave and Kyla. Given my love affair with rooftops I was all over that.

Time for a golden hour rooftop picnic. An incredible vista.

It is officially night!
Spending an evening with friends on a warm evening while the sun disappeared below the horizon seemed like a fitting finale for summer. I'm definitely prepared for autumn now.