there's gonna be weather...


Talking about the weather is more than just a polite conversation piece for most people living in Alberta. We're sort of mild obsessives on the topic. Whether it be the temperature or the threat of thunder or the mere suggestion of sun, a day doesn't go by where don't find ourselves caught up in some sort of conversation about the weather. While they may seem trivial, these conversations are perhaps some of the more important discussions that take place during the day. This seemingly idle chatter about the relative humidity, inverted umbrellas from violent gusts and light-hearted disputes about the best time to reapply sunscreen is all very influential on our social behaviour.

The weather is that invisible guest that must be taken into consideration when planning your social calendar. Appearances at post work patio events are highly dependent on whether or not you can show up, make the rounds and then make it home before the almost inevitable summer evening thunder shower.

Such was the case a couple Thursdays ago when I headed to Latitude 53 for another weekly patio series. The previous week I headed straight out to the deck to socialize, but this time I arrived a bit earlier to check out the McLuhan exhibit, much to the delight of my inner communications theory nerd (there's a reason why this blog is titled theory of raffaella).

I wish there were more rooftops of Edmonton I could explore. I love the view from up high. Even being one or so storeys above ground gives you a new perspective. Suddenly you're at the level of the tree canopy giving you a better vantage to watch the weather come rolling in. Like I said, we're weather obsessives... serial storm watchers.

Paying close attention to the clouds means you know when to have an early lunch to guarantee a spot outdoors during the lunch hour. I had some work at the Muttart Conservatory the other day and I timed everything so I could still get a table before the ladies who lunch crowd arrived and stole all the prime shady spots.

I was able to enjoy a tasty sandwich and salad and work on a very special speech that I will be delivering at the wedding of the summer. I made sure to scribble furiously between bites as I wanted to add some weight to my story (should anyone ask) that I was working on my manuscript.

Heading back downtown I smiled and nodded with my fellow river valley explorers and photographed the passing teens on their skateboards. Always watching the clouds I stopped along Jasper Avenue to shoot the reflection of the sky in the windows of Telus Plaza and the glint of the sun in the golden towers of Scotia Place.

But later that evening the sky had darkened and I sheltered myself from the rain on my way to meet the gentleman and the equally gentlemanly Philip at Tres Carnales for dinner.

As the sign on the window would suggest, the newly opened Tres Carnales serves real Mexican food. And having just visited Mexico (which would of course make me an expert on Mexican cuisine) I feel pretty comfortable with their claim. The warm interior and hot and spicy food made for an ideal location to dine while it rained outside.

The rain brought its own rewards later that night, when we were treated to a beautiful sunset and rainbow. Although we couldn't see it from our apartment, our city was apparently blessed with the double rainbow phenomenon that night. Curses! If only my building had a rooftop patio I might have seen it coming.